Miami Magic Infusions - A Culinary Revolution with Cream Chargers and Accessories

Miami Magic Infusions is an established and renowned brand name offering cutting-edge 9G Blue cream chargers and cylinders. Revolutionizing and enhancing the Miami lifestyle the products are used to prepare world-class drinks, dishes, and cocktails with an amazing flavour infusion. The classic whipped cream comes with a sophistication that is a must-try to master your culinary skills. The innovative cream canisters are designed with such a difference that they are simple, inexpensive, and indispensable in producing delicious meals and drinks.

Impressiveness at Work-Knowing the benefits of the whipped cream chargers and dispensers and their wonderful variants can help you infuse some great exotic flavours with maximized productivity and efficiency. The familiarity with the Miami Magic Elite series can make you enthusiastic and you will just want to tap into their usefulness at once. You can now just invest your time in making beautiful creations like your favourite infused cocktail, cuisine desserts, and the most delicious airy whipped cream. Besides these chargers and cylinders are a brilliant option and a stark contrast to the tedious traditional methods of making whipped cream. This is something that just helps the whipped cream to stay fresher and longer.

Miami Magic Infusions with years of expertise bring a gourmet of new solutions for the hustle of catering. The experts can advise you on the best range that could match your needs the best. Being the most sought-after cream charger specialist, Miami Magic Infusions have a global presence with more than 60 years. The ultra-modern facilities can customize your product so that you can use it for food flavourings, foams, mousses, and in bars and restaurants too! The quality offered at the best and most competitive prices also vouch for its use in all compliant environments. They are available through the distributors and new distributors are most welcome. We help you answer all product-related query with simplicity and expertise much beyond!

Cream Charger Products Engineered with Innovation-

Our finest quality product range includes-

Cream Chargers- If you are looking for a finishing touch to your dessert by adding shape and bulk, Miami Magic cream chargers can give you enough opportunities to experiment with preparations. The cream chargers come under the brand name Miami Magic, FreshWhip, InfusionWhip, QuickWhip, SupremeWhip, and Mr. Whip with the highest grade culinary nitrous oxide (N20).


Whipped Cream Dispensers- They create instant Whipped cream and help you to navigate with umpteen options. Whipped Cream Dispensers are eco-friendly and designed and developed based on quality, performance, and ease of cleaning, and a much-desired product in most kitchens.

Whipped Cream Dispensers

Cylinders- The Cream cylinders deliver result much more consistently and the cream cylinders offer a lot of logistic benefits. Besides owing to their capacity the cylinders can help you serve all the needs late into the party.


Starter Packs- Cream Charger packs create fresh and a delectable range of whipped cream and come in exotic flavours like strawberry and mint in FreshWhip brand. These packs are just adaptable to take all the desserts to the next level in no time. Tasty treats at your fingertips- is just what one has to say about the starter packs. They come in a minimum of one carton or wholesale pks depending on the requirement.

Starter Packs

Soda Siphons- These soda makers and chargers create sparkling water or soda according to the customization of flavours. Besides the pressure they maintain internally can prevent it from going flat. It is a stylish, healthy, and convenient way of making sparkling drinks in a jiffy.

 Soda Siphons

Whipped Cream Accessories and Spare Parts- The Wholesale quick whip accessories are very useful and Miami Magic Infusions is the one-stop solution for all the dispenser parts. We provide an easy ordering system as well as fast delivery with a full line of genuine parts and whipped cream accessories.

Whipped Cream Accessories and Spare Parts


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