Cream Chargers & Dispenser Starter Packs

Inspire your Culinary Skills

The Pure Infusion cream chargers are available in flavors like strawberry and mint and these chargers are simply filled with food flavoring essence, the perfect addition to any kitchen. The Miami Magic cream chargers/dispensers, and N2O cylinders serve as great texturizers for sweet and savory dishes and are available for wholesale as well as online retail shop. The cream whippers are wonderful performers without adding preservatives yet allowing all the perfect flavors.

The Miami Magic N2O canisters and cream dispensers provide unbeatable value for money, offering premium quality and unparalleled standards. These whipping systems bring volume and structure to your food, making the flavors more pronounced and enhancing the richness of the cream. The fluffy and sumptuous cream also lasts for an extended period, providing a delightful addition to your desserts and cuisine. With Miami Magic, you are guaranteed the best-in-class N2O canisters and cream dispensers to elevate your culinary creations.

The QuickWhip Soda Siphons, with their distinctive red and silver bottles, allow you to create unlimited amounts of refreshing sparkling water with ease. Regulated pressure ensures protection, giving you the freedom to experiment with a variety of beverages. The ergonomic design of the soda siphons from Miami Magic Infusions makes them a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen. The sleek and user-friendly design is worth trying, and will quickly become a favorite.