General Questions

Where can I buy Miami Magic products?

You can purchase your innovative Miami Magic products from our online store as well via local distributors. If you would like to become and distributor or for more information, please
contact us –

How does Nitrous Oxide react with food?

Nitrous Oxide (Food Additive E942)  is extremely soluble in fatty compounds, including cream and other substances used for cooking. When used in a cream dispenser, the gas combines with the food substance inside at the molecular level.  When Nitrous Oxide combines with oxygen a chemical reaction takes place which not only transforms the food substance into a more volumized foam, but instantly infuses the flavours.

What cream dispensers are compatible with Miami Magic?

Miami Magic cylinders come with an adaptor for easy connection to any leading branded Cream Dispenser, for use at home or commercial kitchens.  The Pressure regulator and adaptor hose is supplied separately. Please check our products page for cream dispensers that we recommend.

Is Miami Magic safe for home use?

Yes. Our products are universally compatible with all leading brand Dispensing units.  We are constantly putting all our efforts in making Miami Magic as safe as possible in the production of all its components. Please refer to the care and safety section to learn more about using Miami Magic safely and efficiently.

How do I dispose of it and is it recyclable?

Yes our Miami Magic products can be recycled. The cylinders are made out of recyclable steel which means that you can dispose of them together with your metal trash for collection. The cylinders are not refillable and can only be recycled once empty. Each Miami Magic cylinder is supplied with a white release nozzle, so you can ensure all gas is disbursed from the unit before recycling it.

Note: recycle empty cylinders only.

I saw misleading content on Social Media about this product. How do I know what is official Miami Magic content?

Official Miami Magic content will only be released via our Social Media accounts and website.

Unfortunately, because Nitrous Oxide is such a controversial issue at the moment in terms of  potential application for misuse and abuse for recreational purposes, as well as its impact on the environment, it is very challenging for our team to circumvent around defamation and other actions that exploit the misuse of these Products.

Miami Magic has a strict supply policy of only working with legitimate businesses and does not condone misuse of our products in anyway, shape or form. We make this absolutely clear in our Terms & Conditions. Please always refer to our website and to our official social media accounts for authentic content. Thank you.

What to do if...

Miami Magic product is not working as it should

Check that the pressure regulator is fixed tight and correctly on the cylinder and that the hose is tightly attached on it. If this problem still occurs, please contact us for further assistance

The cream produced is too runny

If the cream or foam produced is too runny, check that you are using a product with a minimum fat content of 28% +

It could also mean that it needs more time for the reaction between the gas and liquid inside the dispenser to take place. To reach the desired thickness, hold the cream dispenser upside down and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.

If it is still too runny, this may indicate that the maximum content of the cream dispenser was reached. Or you need to add more nitrous oxide charge.

The cream produced is too thick

If the Cream or Foam is too think and difficult to disperse, this can be caused because it is too cold.  This happens if you store the dispenser in the fridge. This also may have been due to overshaking the cream dispenser. Note that the recommended time of doing this is around 10-15 seconds maximum.

No cream is produced

This may mean that there has not been enough pressure placed in the dispenser and require more nitrous oxide charge, or that the dispenser is clogged. If clogged, run the dispenser nozzle under warm water for a few minutes and try again by shaking the dispenser vigorously.

Note: Do not try and open the head of the dispenser without dispensing all of the gas inside first.

Gas is escaping from the nozzle

If all the components of Miami Magic are in place tightly and this still occurs, it may indicate that the silicone seal in the head needs replacing or a broken dispenser head. If the leak does not stop running and the dispenser is not broken, carefully dismantle the Dispenser after the gas has dispersed and contact us for assistance

The cream dispenser cannot be unscrewed

Note: Do not try and unscrew the head of the dispenser under pressure, the gas inside must be dispersed first.

This may be due to the obstruction of the top of the dispenser or from overshaking the dispenser, as shaking it too much can result in an overly dense cream or liquid which can prevent gas from being released. If this occurs, run the top of the dispenser under warm water to help loosen the dense liquid inside, so the gas can be released, and the head can be unscrewed.